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Här hittar du länkar till Röda Korsets övriga sajter. Visste du att Röda Korset har både en högskola och en folkhögskola? RedNet är vårt intranät. Kommunsidor och frivillig riktar sig till dig som vill engagera dig i Röda Korset lokalt. Röda Korsets Ungdomsförbund finns för dig som är yngre än 30 år.

Man får behandling på Röda Korsets behandlingscenter för krigsskadade och torterade i Malmö.

Treatment Center in Stockholm

At the Red Cross treatment center in Stockholm we help people who are suffering from trauma linked to war, torture, and, or, severe migration journeys.
At the Red Cross treatment center in Stockholm we help people who are suffering from trauma linked to war, torture, and, or, severe migration journeys.
Contact us

The Swedish Red Cross Treatment Center

Visiting address

Medborgarplatsen 25 (eller Repslagargatan 20, if you come by car). Click here for map

Mailing address

Röda Korsets Center, Göta Ark 180, 118 72 Stockholm. 

You can apply for treatment through a referral, call 08-772 19 80 or fill in our application form and send through the mail. N.B.! Do not send your social security number, thank-you.

Telephone: 08-772 19 80
Mail: rkc.stockholm@redcross.se

How we work

The trauma experienced from war, torture and severe migration can cause permanent injury to people, however with the correct treatment people can regain their strength and are able to get on with their lives. At our treatment center we have a professionsal team of psychologists, physiotherapists and welfare officers. The team has a wide range of capabilities within various methods of treatment. We develop a personal treatment plan for every patient. We take a holistic perspective with our patients where psychological, physical and social aspects are taken into consideration. We can also refer patients to other relevant Red Cross operations such as further investigations and reunion of families.

We also accept referrals from other care givers through personal application. We can arrange for an interpreter if necessary, treatment is free of charge.

Who we help

  • We welcome people regardless of legal status, that is to say, refugee applicants and people with no documentation (paperless) and people with a residence permit in Sweden and Swedish citizens with a background as a refugee.
  • Adults from 18 years old who have been traumatized by war, torture or severe migrations.

Area of Activity

We accept people who live in the County of Stockholm.

Do you meet refugees through your work?

The Swedish Red Cross disseminates information about migration trauma and injuries caused by torture. We cooperate with other organizations such as the National Employment Services, Stockholm Municipality and the National Coordination Association. We have courses for personnel who deal with refugees through their work and we offer counselling and consultations.

Please contact Siamak Noroozy, siamak.noroozy@redcross.se about supervision, consultation, study visits and training. 

Would you like to support our work?

We appreciate any contribution at Bankgiro XXX, use code XXX so your funding will go specifically to our treatment center. Thank you for your support.