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Help for Ukrainian Refugees

Migration-related advice for Ukrainian Refugees.
Migration-related advice for Ukrainian Refugees.

Here you will find answers to the most common questions about migration and Ukraine.

How can I prevent the risk of losing contact with my family? 

We urge you who are currently in contact with your relatives in Ukraine or in neighbouring countries to have updated information about where your family members are and where they plan to move, and that you have each other's contact details for phone, email and social media, preferably saved in several places. Then it will be easier for you to re-establish contact, for example if the internet or telephone network stops working or is limited for a longer period of time. 

My family is still in Ukraine. Can the Red Cross help them get to Sweden?

The Swedish Red Cross cannot transfer people from Ukraine or bring people across borders to neighbouring countries. 

Can my family who are not in Sweden apply for family reunification? 

Family members can, as before, apply for a residence permit on an extension, so-called family reunification. The application is made, for example, by the relative in Sweden, using a power of attorney, starting an application through the Migration Agency's web application. 

I have lost contact with my relatives in Ukraine due to the current situation. Can the Red Cross look for them? 

If you have lost contact with your relatives due to the current situation in Ukraine, you can contact the Swedish Red Cross on 020 - 415 000 (Wednesdays 09:00 – 12:00) or fill in this contact form  

How does the Red Cross work with tracing of family members in the neighbouring countries of Ukraine? 

The Red Cross Societies in Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Hungary are present at the border crossings to Ukraine and offer various types of service such as charging stations for mobile phones, offering Wi-Fi, information on how to prevent contact being broken. However, it is not currently possible to trace persons who are on the move. 

How can I get in touch with the Red Cross in Ukraine? 

We understand that many people want to get in touch with the Red Cross in Ukraine. The Red Cross is trying to help as many people as possible and is prioritizing life-saving efforts right now. Therefore, we cannot pass on contact details. 

Questions and answers regarding asylum for Ukrainians  

Here we answer the most common questions which deal with asylum seekers from Ukraine, residence permits and the temporary protection directive. 

Temporary protection directive 

The member states of the EU have decided to activate the temporary protection directive. This means that anyone who is a Ukrainian citizen, permanently resides in Ukraine or has protection status in Ukraine can receive immediate protection in Sweden and a temporary residence permit. Family members of these persons can also, under certain conditions, receive a residence permit in accordance with the directive. 

The permit gives the person the opportunity to get help with housing, the right to work, the right to seek basic care and certain financial assistance in Sweden. 

Persons under the age of 18 have the right to school, healthcare, and dental care to the same extent and under the same conditions as children registered in the national register in Sweden. 

From 26 April 2022, you who came to Sweden on 30 October 2021 or later can be covered by the directive. This applies to you who, for example, came to Sweden to visit or to seek asylum before the Russian invasion. However, it is required that you have remained in Sweden after the security situation in Ukraine deteriorated. 

Anyone who wants to apply for a residence permit according to the directive must register. This can either be done electronically (a so-called digital application) via an e-service on the Swedish Migration Agency's website or by visiting the Swedish Migration Agency in person. Here you can read more about what applies to the two different procedures:

Apply for protection according to the mass flight directive - Migration Agency