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To those of you who support rejected asylum seekers and returnees

To those of you who support rejected asylum seekers and returnees

The aim of our efforts when supporting rejected asylum seekers and returnees is to work towards a more humane, dignified, and sustainable return and reintegration process for the individual.

The Swedish Red Cross has identified individuals who have had their asylum application rejected and returnees a particularly vulnerable group. This is based on our experience and work of providing support to asylum seekers and migrants in vulnerable situations for many years.

The support we provide is based on the needs of the individual and is always guided by our organization’s fundamental principles. 

Our work has been carried out within the framework of a number of EU-funded projects. The current project, AMIRA II (Assisting Migrants in Return and Asylum), is funded by the EU:s Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) and is due to continue until February 2025. 

The project aims to further develop support to individuals who have been refused asylum in Sweden and those that are returned. In addition we implement various capacity strengthening efforts, such as trainings on the needs of returnees and produce different materials based on our knowledge. We also carry out protection dialogues with relevant authorities and engage in advocacy work.

Reintegration assistance in Iraq  

In cooperation with the Iraqi Red Crescent Society and within the framework of AMIRA II we are able to offer needs based support to particularly vulnerable individuals returning from Sweden, or any other EU country, to Iraq.

An individual needs assessment and reintegration plan will be created. Support may include psychosocial support and counselling, humanitarian and material support, assistance in accessing health care and treatment, education or business start up support.

The support should be complementary to other types of support provided by the authorities in the returning country as well as services provided in the country of return. In some cases we are able to facilitate contact with the Red Cross or Red Crescent or to other actors in our network in other countries of return.  

For further information or to request support, please us the web contact form or contact us via returnsupport@redcross.se   

Information and support to individuals in Sweden  

The Swedish Red Cross provides unbiased information and counselling on the asylum- and return procedures, independent from the Swedish state. We also give advice on social rights after having been refused asylum. 

Our legal advice and counselling services include information on rules and regulations as well as of rights and duties after a negative decision on an asylum application. 

We can also offer information and counselling concerning ways to prepare oneself before a return or simply talk to you or someone who may feel anxious and worried in relation to the situation.  

We only work at the request of the concerned individual. We strive to be able to provide tailored support based on individual needs. This may include legal advice or support in communication with authorities in Sweden.

We also aim to offer practical assistance before the actual return takes place, which could entail arranging the issuing of certificates and documents that may be essential for reintegration purposes.  

In certain cases we can provide a limited material support for those considered being in a particularly vulnerable situation. The purpose is to meet the most basic humanitarian needs but also to strengthen each person’s well being and feeling of self- sufficiency.

Material assistance may be a suitcase or clothes or whatever meets the purpose of the support. In some cases we can facilitate contact with the Red Cross or Red Crescent in the country of return for further support or with other actors in our network.  

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