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Support for people deprived their liberty in remand prisons and in prisons

As a person deprived of liberty in a closed environment, you are often completely dependent on the responsible authority without insight from society in general.


We offer psychosocial support through conversations and activities to strengthen you in your situation and contribute to you being treated in a dignified and humane way. 


The Swedish Red Cross has for many years visited people deprived of their liberty in remand prisons and prisons. The purpose of the visits is to contribute to counter isolation. The activity is carried out by volunteers.  


The Swedish Red Cross is a humanitarian organization that visits people who are deprived of their liberty around the world. We believe in humanity and through visits and conversations, we can contribute to counter isolation. It is a stressful time to be incarcerated, especially for people who have restrictions and are not allowed to have contact with others. Maintaining one's resilience can be decisive, also on the day when people leave remand prison or prison. 


Before volunteers start as visitors, they receive training for the assignment and sign a confidentiality agreement. The training consists of several parts: Red Cross knowledge, Basic course for visitors to remand prison and prison and the local introduction of the Swedish Prison and Probation Service for access to detention centres. 


To receive visits, find out if it is offered at the remand prison or prison where you are. If you wish a visit, you must speak to the Swedish Prison and Probation Service staff and request it yourself.