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Support for Asylum Seekers

Support for Asylum Seekers

Legal advice to asylum seekers. We provide neutral information about which rules apply and advice in individual cases.

We work to ensure that the asylum process is legally certain and that everyone who seeks asylum is treated with humanity and dignity. 

As a complement to authorities, we provide neutral information about which rules apply and what might be good for you to think about in your case. We can provide information on: 

  • The rules according to Swedish and international legislation. 
  • How the asylum process works. 
  • What options are available after the end of the asylum process. 

If the assignment concerns a specific person, we only work on behalf of that person. 

Information we need from you

When you contact us, you need to be able to tell us: 

  • Has the person applied for asylum? 
  • Is it a so-called Dublin case? 
  • Who is the applicant (man, woman, unaccompanied minor or family)? 
  • Where in the process is the asylum seeker? 
  • Which country is the asylum seeker from? 
  • What grounds for asylum are invoked? 
  • Is there a public counsel? 
  • What help is desired by the Swedish Red Cross? If the Migration Agency/migration court has rejected the application: On what date was the application rejected? 
  • Has the decision been appealed? 
  • Are there new circumstances or reasons for asylum that were not previously invoked? 

Contact us

Migration Advisory Phone Service
Wednesdays 09:00 - 12:00 a.m.
Phone number 020 - 41 50 00

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