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Travel support

Travel support

War and disasters tear families apart.

In the chaos of the flight, families may be forced to leave their elderly relatives behind, children may be lost, and siblings separated. According to International Humanitarian Law, all people have the right to a family life and States must make it easier for families that have been separated due to war and conflict to be reunited. 

Who can receive travel support?

Financial and practical support (travel support) is offered to families separated due to war, conflict, and natural disasters. The support is given to those who do not have the financial means to pay for the trip themselves in order to make it possible for the family to be reunited as soon as possible. Travel support is only given if the trip is organised by the Red Cross in collaboration with its associated travel agency. 

The support primarily refers to larger families and has a fixed so-called co-payment. The co-payment applies per family, regardless of size (8,000 SEK if the applicant is an adult and 6,000 SEK if the applicant is a child). The fee must be paid before the trip can be completed. The Red Cross pays the remaining cost. 

ATTENTION! If the application concerns a trip for one to three people, it is often cheaper and faster to arrange the trip yourself.  


Support for family reunification

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