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Health Care for undocumented and other migrants

Health Care for undocumented and other migrants

At the Swedish Red Cross health referral center in Stockholm we provide advice and support for undocumented and other migrants in need of medical care.

Call for advice and help

You can call our advice line if you have any questions regarding access to health care in Sweden.

Call: 020-211 000 (free of charge)
Telephone open: Monday –Friday 09:00-12:00
SMS: 0723 - 49 98 08 (for sms only)
E-mail address: papperslos@redcross.se

Visit us

It is best to call or e-mail us and make an appointment. You can always visit us on drop-in, we will help you when time allows. We are here:

Swedish Red Cross
Lindhagensgatan 126
Monday – Thursday 9-15
Friday 9-12

Red Cross House in Skärholmen
Jägerhorns väg 8
Kungens Kurva, Skärholmen 
Tuesdays 10:00 – 15:00

What we can help you with

We can:

  • help you information about your rights to health care in Sweden
  • help you with referrals and contacts to Swedish medical facilities so you can receive the care you are entitled to.
  • arrange an appointment with a doctor if it is not possible for you to get access to medical care at the public health care.

Practical information

The health referral center has no emergency services - in case of an acute situation we refer you to a local medical facility or hospital.

It is always free to see us.

We can arrange for an interpreter if needed.

Information for health care providers

Information in Swedish to bring along if you visit the public health care:
Support for health care personnel ( in Swedish)

Information about care for undocumented immigrants

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